Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bilal at Teavolve

Calm, cool and collected, Bilal’s performance at Teavolve April 7th was a brief showcase of the singer’s vocal range and introspective songs. And I do mean brief. Unfortunately, he only sang about 3 three songs, do in part to the format of the show, an innovative take on listening parties. But also noticeable was the lack of respect shown by a few fellow listeners (who pays for a show and dinner, then is so loud, even the artist is distracted, idk).

Not to be outdone, or unmemorable, Bilal’s liquid gold voice has always provided a sense of clam and peace, and last night proved no exception. Ending with “New World Anthem”, a funk and soul infused remake of our traditional national anthem, Bilal’s natural ease rubs off on his audiences (well, barring last night’s few locas), and will have you unconsciously closing your eyes, and nodding your head to the melodic beats. Come back anytime brotha, and next time Unrelated Family will screen visitors!



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  2. I agree, his voice is liquid gold! Lol
    But 3 songs is a tease! Hopefully we'll be hearing alot more from this man in the future