Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wayna & Kev.O at Posh

Wayna and Kev.O
Posh Restaurant

April 21, 2009

Last night Unrelated Family was in full force at D.C. restaurant, Posh. Showing much love for locally based Kev.O (spelled spaces), who opened the evening’s show. Belting out a slightly slower rendition of John Legend’s Green Light, Kev.O showed the crowd what D.C. talent is all about. With a look that is somewhere between Kayne West (pre West’s Joe Jackson, Afro-jheri curl do) and Andre 3000 (minus the bowtie), Kev.O is developing both a unique style and sound that is sure to make the music scene stand and take notice! Showcasing his vocal range and ability to command a crowd, Kev.O made one woman’s birthday forever memorable by serenading her with an artistically constructed performance of Happy Birthday. His original song, Blue Moon speaks to when love was simple, all you needed to impress your beau was a night alone on the back porch, under the moon’s light…sorry to say, dates have gotten a tad more expensive.

If you aren’t yet on board this singer’s bandwagon, you’d be doing yourself a favor by getting on fast! Check out his singles Focus and Shows Over, available at

The night’s headliner was Grammy nominated singer and songwriter, Wayna. Let me just say upfront, you have got to respect an artist that will sell her own CDs, and reach out to mingle with just about every fan in the building, after being nominated. Props sista! Opening her show with a cover of Minnie Riperton’s Lovin’ You, for which she was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Urban/Alternative Performance, Wayna managed to take a classically soft song, adding a bit of modern music’s edge - all while infusing the integrity of the song’s original lyrics with her own interpretation of what it means to love someone, to love yourself, and to love the creator.

This Ethiopian-born songstress performed an array of poignantly crafted tracks; her lyric writing abilities heavily reminiscent of a poet’s. The depth and intensity behind each of her songs are refreshingly honest. Her hit Billyclub, (for which the singer herself ended up spending a night in jail-crazy story-Google it!) describes the painful journey of realizing your self worth while in an abusive relationship. Switching tunes, Wayna had the ladies sighing a silent “amen” with her song Mr. Duracell; a tribute to when dates don’t live up to expectations and...well…amen!

Check out these songs and more at her website, or visit her myspace page at Her latest CD Higher Ground is available now at select stores and on her website.

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